Our Mission: A nonprofit connecting families of fallen soldiers through a summer camp experience providing encouragement, inspiration,and adventure.

                Serving Survivors of Our Country's Heroes!!!            

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Mission:  A nonprofit connecting the families of fallen heroes through a summer camp experience including inspiration, challenge, and adventure!

Interested in supporting? Contact (469)569-5653 or info@camp-life.org

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     Experience The Learning!
  Get involved with CampLIFE! through volunteering or participation!  We're all about being a kid. Find out how to qualify as a camp family or for more details about helping us deliver these techniques to more amazing hero families!

    Making The difference!
  Maintaining a cost per camper around $175 for the entire experience sounds simple, but it takes a staff of all volunteers!  Please find out how to support us through advocacy or funding.  Your help continues to allow these great American families to participate for FREE!

    Getting The Most From Summer Camp!
  CampLIFE! has 12 years experience hosting camp style weekend retreats.  Our lessons aren't about the grief process, but the advantages of human resilience.  We focus on teaching everyone involved how to gain control of their lives by learning from every experience whether it be rock climbing, canoeing, basketball, scavenger hunts, field games, archery or camp fire.  Struggles become your strengths!

    Thanks For Being You!
  If it weren't for the individuals and families who have funded, volunteered, participated and shared yourselves with CampLIFE!, the organization wouldn't have the 12 years of history it has today.  It's because of you, for you and with you that we will grow.  Each person, organization and corporation that's made it all possible has done so solely for the greater good.  The founder, board members and volunteers allowing the organization to take shape of its community are inspired by your stories and from everyone involved then, now and in the future - Thank you!

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